Mychal Thompson

    Mychal came to Continuant in January of 2018 as a Customer Service Representative before being promoted to the role of Named Account Manager in December of that year. His time as a CSR was spent on teams with a focus on results-oriented managed services that put his attention to detail and analytical approach towards customer service to good use. As a NAM, Mychal brings a strong service delivery mentality to the teams he works with while using data analytics to show their success. Mychal then uses the data he gathers to track trends with client requests in order to better anticipate their needs. This allows the teams that he works with to more efficiently and swiftly resolve their client's needs. 

    Prior to joining Continuant, Mychal worked for ten years in the customer service industry where he worked as a tournament organizer for local game stores and as a restaurant trainer for servers and back of house preparations. Mychal has also been an active volunteer with local educational associations specializing in Japanese culture and helps organize educational conventions for their organizations. 

    In his free time, Mychal enjoys participating in cooking competitions, entertaining friends and family at home, and working on creative writing projects.