Leila Anderson, Continuant

When Colorado native Leila Anderson joined Continuant, she knew it was the right “fit.”  She worked as a manager for Rite Aid Drugstores for a number of years, and then pursued her passion for customer service by working for Nordstrom in a top sales position, where she recognized the importance of addressing customer needs.  With more than two decades in various customer service and management positions, Leila was attracted to an opportunity to work for a company that places a high value on long-term customer relationships.

“I believe the secret to success lies in understanding the importance of people and connecting the dots between great service and continuing relationships that exceed expectations,” says Leila. “I’m delighted to work in such a positive environment.”

Leila is currently finishing her bachelor’s degree in marketing at Regis University.  In her spare time, she enjoys the great outdoors, playing golf with her husband, and spending time with her three dogs.