Garrett Nail

Garrett Nail serves some of Continuant’s largest customers as a Service Delivery Lead. He specializes in supporting customer service requests and escalations for Continuant’s Cisco and Microsoft customers.

The Service Delivery Lead role was a natural step for Garrett. Recognized for his leadership skills and ability to keep calm in high-pressure situations, Garrett is considered the “go-to” person within the department. He first came to Continuant four years ago, focusing on building long-lasting customer relationships as a Named Account Managed (NAM) in Continuant’s Customer Service Center.

Garrett brings a unique set of skills to Continuant. He comes from a background of volunteer firefighting and in-home caregiving and is known within the company for his passionate commitment to living a healthy lifestyle, both inside and outside work. He says, “I deliver a unique experience to my customers that is shaped by a history of caring for and supporting those around me, both personally and professionally.”

Born and raised in Olympia, Washington, Garrett graduated from New Market Skills Center at the top of his class, while he obtained his CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) License for in-home and hospital caregiving. Garrett currently resides in Lacey, WA, with his wife and two children.