Elaine Frazier

For several years, “the other Washington”—Washington, DC—was home to Elaine Frazier, who started her telecom career at ROLM/Siemens and Avaya. A Named Account Manager with Continuant since 2011, Elaine is responsible for maintaining high quality customer relationships, serving as their single point of contact for any concerns that may arise, and managing a customer support team.

Elaine’s goal is to continue to grow professionally within Continuant and to educate herself on the new technologies becoming available to benefit customers. “What is important to me is that our customers can choose solutions that are right for them—we don’t sell just a one-size-fits-all solution,” says Elaine. “We advise customers about options and then guide them to choose what works best for them and their situation.”

Elaine brings to Continuant a strong background in sales and customer service, spanning her career and educational experiences. Elaine, who has an educational background in healthcare, attended college at St. Louis University in Missouri.