Bryanne Eckhaus

Working closely with both global customers and internal teams, Bryanne’s work as a service delivery lead is to ensure performance standards are met across the board.

Throughout her career, much has changed. Originally a clerical worker in the medical field, Bryanne came to Continuant in 2015, starting out as a customer service representative before rising through the ranks to her current title. When moving to a Named Account Manager, Bryanne used her work experience and expertise to ensure that she is “actively carrying out Continuant’s vision to be the best in the industry.” 

There’s been no small amount of change in her life, but fortunately, adapting to change is one of her greatest strengths. She looks forward to what challenges each new day will bring her. “There are no secrets to success,” she says. “It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from your mistakes.” When she’s not working, Bryanne has a daughter who she loves to spend time with.