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Oleg Huk, Avaya Engineer

Symrise Video Success Story

Symrise is a major producer of flavors and fragrances with sales reaching $3 billion. The company’s 9,000 employees work in development centers based in Germany, Brazil, China, France, Singapore, and the United States.

Transcript: We have two teams for the Tata engagement – the design team and the engineering team.

The engineers got involved fairly quickly in the design process just to vet the project and make sure we were happy with the design process so, we were involved pretty much from the beginning, which is a good thing. And by the time we hit the ground we knew what we were doing.

We have a great solutions architect team and people who have worked with Cisco before.

You’re kind of marrying up two different architectures, you’re talking about a network architecture, which is your routers and switches in-house where your phones are plugged in. At the same time you are communicating to the cloud, and there was a network design that went into how that connectivity from the customer’s premises up into Tata’s data centers would work.

Everything builds up into that week or two week period when everything is getting transitioned to go live. Part of our job is also getting to know a lot of the processes that our customers expect from us: change control, security measures. We understand our customers and we understand the way they work and that we have to follow those guidelines to work with them.

I am glad the customer came back with positive results and it worked out well. The cohesion, like I said, between the teams. A lot of testing went into place to make sure these phones were working with various pieces we put in.

Tata is well known in that space so we are privileged to be working with them. And certainly when I say the word Tata as an engineer I am proud to have been involved with it.


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