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Global, Long-Term Solutions: How Continuant Acts as A Communications Cornerstone

Global, Long-Term Solutions: How Continuant Acts as A Communications Cornerstone

Proactive thinking results in long-term success

Industry-leading companies are no longer focused on the “today”.  Planning for the future of UC must begin now—with a trusted partner.


Continuant and Dana Incorporated, a Fortune 500 auto parts manufacturer, have been global partners for the last 13 years, teaming together to keep Avaya and Nortel enterprise telephone system maintenance costs down and make careful analysis of major communications decisions.


When the company decided to migrate from legacy Avaya and Nortel systems to a Cisco voice solution, it searched for a support partner capable of global support and long-term thinking who would also be proactive in the management of their voice infrastructure.


Dana ultimately chose Continuant, a partner with a proven track record of nearly 20 years of experience supporting the transition from legacy Avaya and Nortel systems to Cisco and Microsoft UC for companies with disperse locations.

Customer-focused to prove ROI

In order to prove a return on investment, Continuant remained committed to careful cost analysis at every stage of the migration process, from performing discovery of current costs to analyzing post-deployment infrastructure management.


This allowed for significant savings just in the legacy system maintenance alone.


Continuant monitors all supported network elements 24/7/365 with its Network Operations Center and often resolves issues even before the customer becomes aware of them.

An eye on the short-term and the long-term

Always working at the customer’s pace, Continuant fully supports and enforces Dana’s timeline and goals with a project manager who is PMP-certified. The project manager adheres to agreed-upon procedures for change management, cost management, resource management, risk management, and every other project management elements.


This careful attention, combined with Continuant’s’ multi-vendor expertise, allows for a smooth and predictable migration between multiple manufacturers.


Continuant also delivered a solution to train all Dana employees, eliminating the need for Dana’s HR Department to train at global locations.

Promoting innovation in a complex environment

Continuant’s intelligent analysis and monthly recommendations are based on data gathered by industry-leading tools. This provides significant added value for Dana, who relies on Continuant’s rare level of expertise to handle highly complex technical competencies.