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    Managing Customer Relationships

    Contact centers have become an increasingly important part of doing businesses today, particularly in managing customer relationships. Your customers are looking for a simple, efficient, and effective way to get in touch with you and a dedicated contact center offers an easy way to help them reach you. 

    While the contact center may resemble a call center, it offers distinct advantages that the call center does not. Call centers rely on making contact via a telephone call, in contrast to the contact center, which offers omnichannel support such as email, text, chat, social media, and video.

    Another important advantage that contact centers offer:  They feature both inbound and outbound communication, allowing the enterprise user to send messages to customers as well as receive them. As business interaction changes from outbound to inbound, it is increasingly important to set up a system that allows for easy and effortless communication.

    How We Work: Continuant Contact Center Solutions

    Whatever needs to be done, Continuant will work with you to design the right contact center for your enterprise.

    While keeping up with new contact center technology might seem overwhelming at first, when you work with Continuant, you have the benefit of letting our expert teams help you integrate the new solution, making sure it is as easy for you to use as possible.

    Our service includes designing, implementing, and managing different solutions from two of the leading brands: Five9 and Cisco. Both offer a wide range of options. 




    Five9 Solutions

    Five9-300x167Five9's contact center solutions are flexible, scalable, reliable, intuitive, and secure. Their cloud-based solutions help you avoid expensive capital investments, hardware selection and ongoing maintenance. 

    Five9’s omnichannel, cloud-based functionality includes advanced AI that helps automate customer service. Agents simply access integrated systems anywhere there’s a computer, headset and Internet. Five9 also integrates with all major CRMs.

    Five9 offers a blend of outbound and inbound systems. This ensures the customer is taken care of and basic services are handled efficiently.


    Cisco Solutions

    432px-Cisco_logo_blue_2016.svgCisco offers a robust contact center solution including an integrated omnichannel system. These systems contain both inbound and outbound channels, as well as outbound IVR and digital. They also come with sophisticated tools for workforce optimization and the recording of live data. Best of all, Cisco’s solutions come with reliable Cisco Security, ensuring that your platform remains secure for as long as it’s in use.

    Cisco has been manufacturing trusted products for over 30 years, and as a Cisco Certified Partner, Continuant has a long history with Cisco’s solutions—including Unified CCX.



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