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Modern Tools for Enhanced Learning 

In today’s learning environments, textbooks and notepads have given way to laptops and tablets, as learning happens electronically. While students utilize interactive and immersive technologies, access lectures remotely, and collaborate with their peers online, it is critical that classrooms and training centers adapt to new styles of learning.  

Introducing the Modern Learning Environment  

Modern technology can revolutionize your classrooms. Students were once bound to their seats during learning. Now, they have access to the features of interactive classrooms. Collaboration technology allows for instant feedback and easy communication between students and teachers. With the addition of remote video collaboration and lecture capture, students can engage in the session even without being in the classroom, vastly expanding your school’s reach.  

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The Possibilities for Today's Classroom 

Learning Pods

Facilitate ultimate classroom collaboration with AV-enabled learning pods, giving students the ability to share content, work on projects, and foster creativity in small groups. 

Lecture Capture 

By streaming, recording, and auto-transcribing lectures and presentations, your students will have the ability to gain value from your message, no matter the time or place.  

Distance Learning 

Provide a platform for remote learners to connect by broadcasting lectures and classes to reach students wherever they are, creating online classroom environments, and broadening access to digital resources.  

Classroom Deployment Solutions 

Whether you’re looking to enhance the learning experience in the physical classroom or over long distances, Continuant is there to lead the way. In addition to setting up your online video collaboration tools and smart software, we provide ongoing support to ensure that your new solution leads to improved learning. From collaboration solutions to long-distance learning, Continuant AV Solutions come with world-class support, ensuring that every learner is engaged. 


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Success Stories

Our clients know they can trust in our excellent service. 

Its new AV roadmap ensures that every future product will follow a standardized method to ensure the classroom experience remains consistent room to room

Lower Columbia College

The new solutions Continuant provided brought a total classroom transformation and proved just how vital quality AV can be.

Clover Park Technical College

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