Voice and Messaging

Continuant helps the enterprise integrate traditional voice and messaging with real-time communications applications and UC capabilities.

Doug Brandt, Sr. NAM

Voice and Messaging for Businesses Today

Continuant has a 20-year record of providing simple and effective communications strategies that can empower you and your business.  As technology evolves, we do too, providing you with the best solutions for voice and messaging.

Voice Systems Made Simple

Picking up the phone and making a call should always be as simple as it sounds. We ensure that businesses can always communicate seamlessly and in real-time by supporting their voice systems and applications.

Continuant supports customers with voice system maintenance and support as well as implementations ranging from existing systems to complex UC environments. Voice and telephony considerations include fixed lines, mobile voice, soft phones, and even peer-to-peer video sessions.

Communication Tools

Communication Tools

Technology evolves fast and Continuant helps you integrate traditional and emerging messaging capabilities into your communications strategy.

The decisions you make surrounding messaging tools and applications are often dependent on your existing technologies and infrastructure.

Whether your business plans to utilize email, voicemail, unified messaging, instant messaging, or presence, Continuant will guide and support your selections, assuring your messaging strategy aligns with your business outcomes.


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