Networking Changes and Emerging Technologies

As major leaders in networks, such as Cisco, continue developing new technologies and capabilities, IT managers will find more opportunities—and challenges—in implementing the right networking technologies for their business goals. Continuant helps you prepare for the continued advancement in networking and voice technologies.

Aldo Febro, Sr. Solutions Architect

The Right Foundation

Many businesses find that the challenges within configuration and management are more than they had expected. Continuant helps by leveraging their IT experts, advanced Cisco technologies, and industry-leading tools for network assessment, adjustment, and optimization.

The first step to achieve your desired business outcomes is to ensure that you have the right foundation in place—your network. You can take the pressure off of your IT team when you depend on industry experts at Continuant.

Trends in IT Networking Support

Recent trends that have customers looking for IT networking support include:

  • Performing network assessments as a baseline for any changes to the network
  • Preparing LAN/WAN for increasing technologies that consume bandwidth
  • Implementing policies in QoS prioritization for critical applications
  • Virtualizing applications and hardware on the network
  • Monitoring the network at a highly-detailed level in order to improve performance
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