Release Management

What is Release Management?

Launching a new product or an upgrade to an existing product can seem straightforward.

Statistics show, however, that the stakes are high: Ineffective Release Management can cause up to 80 percent of all IT incidents. For the enterprise, the best way to avoid incidents and lead to a more successful outcome is to develop a well-planned Release Management strategy, leveraging the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework.

Release Management

Working within the ITIL framework, Continuant is dedicated to helping the enterprise obtain the best Release experience. We offer a commonsense, systematic approach to Release Management, tracking and optimizing throughout the entire release cycle. Continuant understands how to work through the challenges associated with Release Management and help businesses determine:

  • The frequency and regularity of releases, patches and/or updates needed;
  • The speed at which releases need to occur, especially related to Emergency releases; and
  • The complexity of systems, environments and variations in OEM requirements.

Continuant’s approach takes into consideration not only the software, patch, upgrade or service to be deployed but also the additional work that must happen both before and after to ensure success. We work with companies to determine the type of release being considered. Is it a major release? A minor one? Emergency? Whatever the need, Continuant offers the right expertise for the challenge.

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