Has End of Manufacturer Support (EoMS) been announced for your Avaya system?


Extended Support is not your only option.

With three decades of experience in the telecom industry, we asked Bruce Shelby, Co-Founder of Continuant, to make the case for Third Party Maintenance as an alternative to Avaya's Extended Support offering.  This free resource covers:

the avaya industry ebook cover

  • Avaya's Extended Support model.
  • Why you should reconsider committing to Avaya's Extended Support.
  • Alternatives for post-EoMS maintenance for your Avaya system.
  • The added value of a Third-Party Maintenance provider.
"Avaya no longer writes patches for systems that are EoMS, so an Avaya software support contract is unnecessary, and likely drops to the level of useless."

“OEM Cycle of dependence - the continual purchase of expensive system upgrades that provide no useful enhancements relative to the particular Avaya system owner’s needs”

 “A Third Party Maintenance provider can save companies up to 40%."

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