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We help government agencies save money, solve problems, and develop a future plan. Right now there's a big push to start looking forward within the different sectors on what the future is going to look like.

There is a lot of pressure to stay with a certain OEM over the course of the life of their product.

Continuant can not only support a legacy system like an Avaya government solution, we really provide a solid pathway bridge to the migration to Unified Communications (UC) environment.

We have teams of tier 3 engineers; OEM certified engineers that know their product inside and out and can support any trouble ticket and see it through to completion in a timely manner. Our customers trust us to provide them with a level of support and service that they need to keep their systems optimized, not only in their current state but for the future direction of where they want to go with their system.

Our mission is to help the government serve out their mission.

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