What to Consider Before Going with Avaya’s Extended Support 

If you’re one of the many system owners facing the decision of whether to commit to Avaya’s Extended Support, you’re not alone. You have options. 

Questions to Ask Regarding Avaya’s Extended Support Policy 

 Is your Avaya system currently End of Manufacturer Support (EoMS)? 
 Are you able to rapidly get on-site repair or parts for your existing Avaya system? 
 Do you have an SLA in place that will guarantee optimal performance for your EoMS system? 
 Are you aware of the consequences of Avaya’s Extended Support Policy? It states that “all Tier IV Support and Current Engineering for ongoing improvements in product functionality will stop when Manufacturer Support ends.” 

Questions to Ask When Considering a Third Party Maintenance Provider 

 Does keeping your existing Avaya system investment in place make the most sense for your business? 
 Do you need access to Tier 3 engineers, guaranteed parts availability and an SLA? 
 Is cost savings important? 


Questions to Ask When Considering a New UC Solution 

 Do you have a roadmap to replace your current legacy voice system with a new UC solution?  
 Have you considered using a Managed Services Provider to help you design, deploy, adopt and manage a new UC solution?  
 Are you looking for an efficient cost of ownership in a Microsoft or Cisco UC solution? 

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