Maintenance, Support and Managed Services for Avaya Systems

When it comes to maintenance, support, and managed services for Avaya systems, Continuant has the Tier 3 resources and proven track record that businesses are looking for. For nearly 20 years, our Avaya support offer has provided the combination of services that our customers need for their mission-critical Avaya systems.

Continuant employs a team of Tier 3 Avaya engineers who can support the voice, messaging, and contact center platforms that help your business perform better than ever. We also offer remote support that includes some of the fastest response times in the industry, independent from the OEM.

  • 4-hour time-to-restore
  • 24/7 access to Tier 3 Avaya engineers
  • Significant cost savings over the OEM

The Avaya Cycle of Dependence

Avaya Systems Maintenance

When you begin working with Continuant for Avaya Maintenance and Support, our first order of business is to visit your site, inventory your equipment, and record all relevant details such as make, model, configuration, authentication, and environment. We will perform initial preventative maintenance, secure your system, setup remote access capabilities, and initiate alarming to our Network Operations Center (NOC).

Our NOC immediately notifies our manufacturer-certified engineers, who will immediately call the alarming system and begin to resolve the problem.

Bob Kennedy, Tier 3 Engineer


The AMR Story: 10+ Years of Mission-Critical Maintenance and Support

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With Continuant, here’s what you can expect:

  • 24/7/365 real-time alarm monitoring and technical hotline support.
  • Industry-leading Service Level Agreements with an optional guaranteed time to restore.
  • Rapid access to the top team of Avaya Tier 3 Engineers in the industry… all US-based.
  • A dedicated Named Account Manager and customer service team that knows you, knows your business and proactively works with you to ensure that your systems are working at peak efficiency and availability. This team serves as a true single point of contact.
  • A parts guarantee, whether your systems are the latest release, or are End of Manufacturer Support.
  • Rapid onsite repair and parts replacement anywhere in the world.
  • Access to a team that has a high level of multi-vendor expertise.
  • Access to Design Engineers and Solutions Architects that can help you plan for the future, while taking a vendor-neutral approach to helping you evaluate solutions from Cisco, Microsoft, Avaya and others.

UC Planning, implementation, and proactive monitoring beyond the Avaya system

Continuant is well versed to help you implement first class UC services across Avaya Unified Communications. Our Avaya engineers and expert architects will work to customize the unique Avaya UC Solution for your enterprise.

Whether you’re part of a complete Avaya UC solution or a multi-vendor environment, you will see productivity increasing as the communications picture becomes more unified.

Supported systems and applications

Continuant can proactively locate and identify voice quality or communications problems in real time, supporting systems and applications including:

Avaya Aura® Platform

Avaya one-X® Communicator

Avaya one-X® Mobile

Unified Messaging

Avaya Aura® Conferencing

Avaya Flare® Experience

Avaya IP Office®

 “The service we have received from our account team since we moved from Avaya maintenance has been incredible.  The only thing you could have done to better serve us is to have transitioned us years ago!”


– Kitt Leonard, Tucson Medical Center

Proactive Contact/Predictive Dialing

If you integrate the Avaya Proactive Contact/Predictive Dialing System (PCS/PDS) into your contact center strategy, Continuant will develop a maintenance and support plan that gives you the right solution and backing to assure that your PCS/PDS delivers consistent, reliable, optimized results.  Continuant also offers a more flexible, more agent-intuitive user interface (“API”).  For more information, read about the Continuant-exclusive Intero™ Agent desktop application.

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A Proven Track Record for Avaya Maintenance and Support

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